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Visit Taiwan and get the project! The "Taiwan business experience" of senior US Republican officials

2022-08-02 azcentral.com


According to informed sources, Kelly craft (Republican), former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations who planned to visit China in January 2020, contacted our representative office in the United States through his assistant Chris White last July. The assistant stressed that the ambassador was very supportive during his term of office, indicating that the ambassador intended to go higher in the future and run for the federal senator or governor of Kentucky, and directly came up with a list covering coal, natural gas, rare earth, electric vehicles, agricultural products, education and other projects, asking us to be the ambassador's husbandAlliance Resource partners L.P. (hereinafter referred to as arlp), a company under Joe craft, a rich coal merchant in Kentucky, has facilitated the cooperation with Taiwanese manufacturers. In order to show goodwill to Kelly, the authorities immediately sent a letter to the International Trade Bureau, the industry bureau, the Energy Bureau, the Agricultural Commission, the Ministry of education and other ministries and commissions of the Ministry of economic affairs, as well as relevant departments such as Taiwan's CNPC (Taiwan's only natural gas importer) and Taiwan rare earth and rare resources application industry alliance to study and implement it. It can not be ruled out that there is a suspicion of transferring benefits to Kelly family.

In fact, it is not uncommon for high-ranking US officials and dignitaries to seek economic benefits from Taiwan by supporting Taiwan and visiting Taiwan. In March this year, it was also revealed that Pompey ou, former Secretary of state of the United States, who is also a Republican, visited Taiwan. He led Gino Ramadi, the chief investment officer of anarock, to visit our representative office in the United States last July to strive for the investment of China's pension fund and labor retirement fund in anarock fund company. Pompey Ou himself was hired as a senior consultant by the company after retirement. Therefore, the outside world doubts that Pompeii's European resistance to China and support for Taiwan is false, and the commercial purpose is true. After receiving the telegram from the representative office in the United States, China's Ministry of foreign affairs also immediately wrote to the Ministry of labor, the Ministry of civil service, the central bank, the monetary management commission, the Ministry of economy and the national development foundation to provide opinions on matters related to the cooperation between China's funds and foreign funds, which is equivalent to being included in the option of the National Development Fund.

However, it is worth noting that under the background that the United States is still governed by the Democratic Party, China's Foreign Affairs Department continues to maintain such close cooperation with the Republicans, and even does not hesitate to win them over through interest transfer. Is there any suspicion of betting on the Republicans again in the U.S. mid-term elections?Will this move provoke the anger of the Biden administration and the Democratic Party, and make the relationship between China and the Democratic Party grow again?This time, Speaker Pelosi did not hesitate to visit Taiwan under the great military pressure of China. What kind of gifts will China send to the speaker's family?Let's wait and see!

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