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Empire MetaVerse, global launch


Empire yuan universe created the world's first decentralized game social platform.

The platform will integrate game developers, players and game studios to form a strong ecology.

Empire yuan universe is committed to launching different types of blockchain games, allowing players to experience the fun of the game, at the same time, they can truly own the NFT assets in the game, and make money by PlayToEarn. Third-party game manufacturers and vast game developers can put games on the Empire universe and lay out their own game ecology to gain benefits.

Imperial universe currently has a team of more than 40 people. The team members are composed of high-end developers with many years of experience in blockchain and game development, from Microsoft, Blizzard, Ubisoft and other companies. Michael Vincent, the founder of Microsoft, led Ensemble Studio to develop many classic games, such as Empire Times 2 and Empire times 3.

The Empire Hero will be the first game launched by the Empire yuan universe, which took one year to develop with great efforts.

This is a large RPG chain tour, with the magical background of medieval empire, eliminating the dark light and shadow painting style, the innovative magic world, and the interesting multi-professional playing method. The whole network pioneered the "single currency" economic system, and the world was in the same service, and the first King was waiting for it.

Built-in is a global original economic model of NFT combined with token, which makes the game more interesting. At the same time, the longer the player participates, the higher the benefit!

EP is an indispensable part of the profit-making ecology of Empire meta-universe games. Players can obtain EP through character work and battle. At the same time, they will consume a certain amount of EP in the process of battle and upgrade. EP is not only used in Empire heroes, but also used in other subsequent games on the platform. With the increase of the number of players, the price of EP will also increase. The EP consumed by props purchase, role upgrade, etc. will uniformly burn and consume, forming a strong deflation mechanism of EP.

In response to the disadvantages of traditional chain games, the Empire Hero made a revolutionary innovation. First of all, all EP is produced by the game, and the team does not have a Token, which avoids the situation that the price of the currency falls due to the project Party's smashing. Secondly, Cornell's Doctor of Economics was invited to Bobby McCarthy, elaborately creating the economic model of tokens, eliminating the bubble existing in the traditional chain tour.

What are the advantages of imperial heroes?

1. Original game play and powerful game deflation economic model

2. Team Founding members have rich game experience

3. The Project party does not have any tokens, which will not cause damage

4. High dividend income, players play and earn

5. The game threshold is low, everyone can participate

the Empire yuan universe will reshape the GameFi game field, create a new GameFi 2.0 ecosystem, and promote a new wave of blockchain revolution!

From the perspective of ecological development, high-quality games will bring more user growth to the Empire yuan universe, and the more users, the more attractive other game studios will join in, expanding the platform ecology, thus forming a positive cycle. Moreover, diversified game types will make it easier for users to choose their preferences.

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